Gatlinburg Wedding Packages for Two: The Perfect Destination Wedding Choice

So, you’re now engaged and planning to get married soon, Congratulations!

Are you one of those many engaged couples who shiver at the mere thought of an outdated and boring traditional wedding? Or perhaps you’re a bride-to-be who pines for a luxurious and exotic destination wedding, where you can combine your ceremony and honeymoon all into one neat and easy package! Gatlinburg wedding packages for two offer you exactly that opportunity.

Yes? That’s exactly what you desire, right? Well, before deciding to pack it all up and hop in the car on your way to the Smoky Mountains, here are 8 pros and cons of destination weddings. After all, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, or maybe it is!


Pro: You can choose a beautiful located for your Gatlinburg wedding. Have your ceremony and then enjoy your honeymoon without changing clothes or taking another flight or drive to another destination. You’ll have it all in one trip!

Con: You may have to contend with family members and other wedding guests who may also want to enjoy that fabulous “honeymoon” after taking such an lavish and long trip just to come to your wedding. Not everyone will be courteous or by chance even consider your much needed quality time with your new spouse. But hey, you get to enjoy a Smoky Mountain wedding. What more could you ever ask for?


Pro:  On a budget and can’t stand your future hubby’s Uncle? Well, you don’t have to invite him! Now you have a justifiable reason not to invite everyone under the sun to your wedding. A Gatlinburg wedding package can be very inexpensive, everyone knows this!  By having a wedding that consists of just you and your soon-to-be spouse, you are ensuring that your Smoky Mountain wedding is extremely romantic.

Con: The engaged couple may feel guilty or just completely miserable for not inviting everyone you know to your wedding, so you end up doing just the opposite. In turn, expenses spike tremendously and end up draining your bank account. That is, if you do foot the entire bill for your guests travel and accommodations, along with the traditional reception and such. Gatlinburg weddings make the dilemma totally worth it, though.



Pro: Romance and white sandy beaches are what you crave?  You can keep your wedding private, only the bride and groom on that dream destination wedding. Just the two lovebirds exchanging promises and vows make it intimate and special. A treasured memory, in which only the two of you share with your Gatlinburg wedding packages for two.

Con: Your best friend, Mother, or favorite Aunt Tish won’t be there to celebrate with you. You may feel like something is missing because your cherished loved ones aren’t there which could in turn affect the mood and atmosphere of your most important day. Add some wedding photography of your service in Gatlinburg and let them share the memories without being present!


Pro: Choosing an all-in-one package offered at one of the many resorts around the world makes planning a destination wedding simple. Or you may choose to hire an experienced wedding planner that specializes in destination weddings, making this wedding as stress-free as possible. All you have to worry about is the location you desire and the dress!

Con: You may have to stress about applying for a marriage license and having to wait a brief period before saying  “I do”, which would involve having to travel to your destination before the actual wedding date itself. You may also have to meet with your marriage officiate before the wedding. These tasks alone can cause a lot of stress. Gatlinburg has no waiting period for their marriage license, so what are you waiting for?